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About Us

Our staff & volunteers

SW1CO has always relied on volunteering and volunteers to grow.  They have over the last few years contributed over 4000 hours to the community and we are very proud of them.  Thank you.  We are always on the lookout to increase our number.  So whether it is a few hours administration, or befriending, join our Advisory Board, help run our exercise session, have skills to share or helping out generally to bring the community together, please join us to make SW1 stronger and empowered.

Our history

SW1CO was created in 2014 following 51 weeks participation in the National Community Organisers Programme funded by the Cabinet Office Big Society project.  SW1CO was set up as a CIC to organise, empower and engage building shattered trusts and relationship in order to have capacity to create a network of people in the community able to take actions based on the needs they or others have identified in the community. Crucially it was an innovative but proven method of face to face engagement by door knocking, helping to reach those classed as "hard to reach". We liaise with other community groups and individuals and together run projects that enhance wellbeing both physically and mentally, reduce social and economic isolation particularly in the elderly.   

We run projects such as exercises to maintain health and wellbeing, reduce isolation. Coffee Morning to reduce isolation by giving people opportunity to get out and about, meet others in the community and make friends.  We run Befriending especially for those less able to get out and about.  We cannot function without our wonderful volunteers who give of their time and skills, making friends and learning along the way.

We run Meet Your Neighbour Events as a way of bringing diverse range of people together to meet, talk and take actions that benefits all.

Our mission

  • Our visions: As an independent group of people our objectives are to empower the individual and groups so that they could find their voices and be an integral and cohesive part of their community. Our aims are to make SW1 a stronger and healthier place for those who live in the area. 
  • We research the current state of SW1 listening to what we love and are concerned about in SW1.  Start projects based on priority findings to further engage, support and encourage integration, working with residents to treat the area as their homes and encourage those will skills and expertise to share and support those less able
  • We are looking for businesses, individuals and organisations to support SW1CO efforts in building community cohesion in SW1.  SW1CO has taken the lead to initiate projects that brings people together we now need more involvement both statutory and voluntary as envisaged by the Localism Act to ensure we continue to serve the community of SW1.
  • How can you help?  Please call or email to discuss further

Learn more about SW1CO or receive info on what's up in SW1

If you have health queries, want to know available schools, GP, Meet-ups, in the area or concerned about closure of important amenities to you, then please sign up and join other like minded people of SW1 to have a say, take action and at the same time know your Neighbour! Then sign up, write in and share.

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PLEASE DONATE - It takes more than people to run this organisation which is why we are asking people and businesses other sectors to donate to ensure our survival

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SW1CO - Building Community Cohesion in SW1

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